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Lisa sterilizer

Incredible inside & outside

The new Lisa sterilizers – built for highest demands: incredibly user-friendly thanks to EliSense information system via LED indicators and display. Incredible complete traceability down to the single instrument or instrument-kit thanks to EliTrace. Incredibly efficient thanks to the patented Eco Dry + Technology.


The new Lisa sterilizers

From the outside
Smooth surfaces, a fresh, ergonomic design – and an incredibly crystal clear colour display. The menu structure and the artificial intelligence behind it turns high end B type sterilizing into one of the most simple, comfortable and safest systems in the world. For full infection control within your daily work.

From the inside
So many elements, so much incredible technology and so many parts, completely integrated, in the right place and ready to serve and fulfil the daily requirements of a high end B type sterilizer!



Incredible thanks to

  • EliSense: Thanks to LED indicators and display the outstanding technology offers cycle status information, temperature information and much more to optimize both workflow and output at a glance.
  • EliTrace: For the first time, the sterilization process can be traced and documented down to the individual instrument or instrument kit. Without additional software or computer.
  • Eco Dry+: Eco Dry technology adapts the drying time to the mass of the load. This reduces the cycle time, increases the life span of your instruments and optimizes the energy consumption.
  • Intuitive interface
  • Perfect ergonomics


Status Sense, Temperature Sense, Smart Sense: three incredible features, combined into EliSense.

Cycle status information, temperature information and all information to optimize both workflow and output at a glance.


Extended documentation

The new Lisa offers the possibility to trace back to the single instrument without any paper handling, dedicated computer or software.


Incredible traceability without extra software or computers.

A high standard of hygiene is the hallmark of every dental practice. With the new generation of Lisa this standard is now being further optimized. EliTrace is the new enhanced Lisa documentation system which offers for the first time full traceability down to the single instrument or set without any extra software or computers. The result: a high level of safety for practices and patients.


High capacity data logger

The high capacity USB drive automatically records the cycle reports for the entire life of Lisa.

Load release confirmation

This option digitally records the end user name and their confirmation of the successful sterilization and/or test cycle.


Customized to your needs

Lisa’s traceability menu offers a wide range of options to customize your own traceability system to your exact needs.

Easy and practical

Lisa enables you to select the number of labels to be printed by LisaSafe either automatically or manually.


User identification

Allows you to digitally record the user who loaded and unloaded the sterilizer. Users are identified by a 6-digit PIN.

Convenient and economical

The Ethernet connection allows 4 Lisa sterilizers to share one LisaSafe label printer.


W&H Steri App

W&H Steri App is an advanced smartphone and tablet application that allows to control and monitor the status of the autoclaves in your dental clinic. Moreover, the app is able to scan and track dental instruments within a single sterilizing cycle, keeping a related history database on your smart device




The new application layout is compatible with all new Lisa VA-131, Lara and Lexa sterilizers.
Available languages: EN, IT, FR, DE, ES, ZH-CN, JP

Main features:

Remote control of your sterilizer: the user can remotely command up to 4 sterilizers.
Advanced traceability: EliTrace feature is now fully supported and the App permits to create instrument database directly from your smart device. In addition to this function, the management and tracking of dental instruments is integrated.
Reports creation: the App allows making intervention reports in order to collect data regarding specific treatments.
User management: creation and handling of sterilizer users directly from your smart device.
Backup functionality: all the cycle reports are automatically saved to assure more protection of data.


Eco Dry+

Incredible performance

The advanced patented Eco Dry technology adapts the drying time to the mass of the load. This reduces the cycle time, increases the life span of your instruments and optimizes the energy consumption.

Time saving

Type B cycles process and perfectly dry 2 KG OF LOAD IN ONLY 30 MINUTES.

Extends service life

Automatic adjustment of the drying time depending on the load reduces the heat exposure time. This extends the service life of your instruments.

Energy saving 

The optimization of the drying time means reduces energy consumption. Making the Lisa the “green solution”.

Wipe disinfection in 1 minute

Disinfect your instruments before cleaning and servicing by wiping them

Maintenance in 10 seconds 

The Assistina Twin reduces the maintenance process to a record time of 10 seconds.

Sterilization in 13 minutes

With the Lisa fast cycle, the instruments can be removed from the sterilizer ready for use after 13 minutes.


Lisa 17
REF 19931180

Chamber size 17 litre

Lisa 22
REF 19932180

Chamber size 22 litre