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Safety and Convenience

Efficient and fast
Speed and reliability without compromising on load size
Safe-Locking Door
Has a double safety mechanism
Intuitive Control
Designed with the operator in mind, the colorful control panel is intuitive and easy to use
Simple Drainage
Valve is conveniently located at the front to allow quick and easy reservoir drainage
Durable Chamber
The long-life electro polished chamber and door are made to last
Overheating Protection
The dual safety thermostat and automatic shut-off deliver reliable protection from overheating

Technical Specification


  • Analog Model: 3140M includes support stand and 2 stainless steel tray shelves (14 x 20-Inch). Capacity: 34-Liter. Diameter x Depth: 15 x 20-Inch.
  • Includes: 60-Minute Timer, 3.25-Liter Reservoir & Low Water-Level Alarm. Temperature Range: 100 to 134°C (212 to 273°F)
  • Analog control with analog display of temperature & pressure. Heating time to 273°F (134 °C): 30-Minutes
  • Heat-insulated, double-locking door protects against accidental burns. Door cannot be opened while chamber is under pressure.
  • Automatic low water level shut-off prevents damage to heating elements when there is insufficient water for the sterilization cycle. UL Listed, CSA Certified & ASME Stamped.