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W&H WS-91 L G



45º degree surgical contra-angle handpieces – it’s all about the angle

With the new first and only 45º degree true surgical contra-angle handpieces WS-91 and WS-91 L G from W&H, limited access to impacted teeth is a thing of the past – even well towards the apex and behind the molars. The 45º degree angle between shank and bur axis enables comfortable access either buccally or occlusually. The Austrian based innovators combined the features of conventional surgical straight and a surgical contra-angle handpiece in a truly unique manner.

The new 45º degree surgical contra-angle handpiece WS-91 L G combines the advantages of a surgical straight and a surgical contra-angle handpiece.Patient example: The impacted tooth 48 is neatly removed using the new 45º degree contra-angle handpiece.

At the same time, the ergonomic design of the head area ensures excellent vision. At the WS-91 L G, a W&H mini LED+ illuminates the operating area with daylight quality. Combined with a W&H surgical motor, the new contra-angle handpieces are real work horses: A bur speed of up to 135,000 rpm and loads of high torque guarantee highly efficient tooth sectioning. An external triple irrigation system cools both the bur and the cutting area with a sterile saline solution. Like all other handpieces from W&H, the surface of the WS-91/WS-91 L G is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. For optimal cleaning and maintenance, the 45º degree surgical contra-angle can be easily dismantled by hand – no tools required.



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