SAFECRUSH Professional Pill Crusher


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SAFECRUSH Professional Pill Crusher

Many people, elderly or otherwise, find it difficult to swallow pills, and this can be a real problem, sometimes even an impossible situation for those with serious health issues for which treatment is only available in tablet or capsule form. Health workers find themselves having to manually crush dozens, even hundreds of pills on a daily basis, and this can lead to a work-related medical condition that affects the entire wrist articulation.

SAFECRUSH is an electronic pill grinder for professional use, with the power, precision, speed and compactness that makes it ideal for use in hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities. Has a powerful electronically controlled mechanism that grinds pills to a fine powder. Once pulverised, it becomes much easier to take any drugs prescribed in tablet form and in a very natural way as they can simply be mixed into food or drink. Thanks to its unique grinding system, SAFECRUSH can smash and pulverise any type of pill (even the hardest or coated ones, even multiple pills at once) quickly and easily.

SAFECRUSH was designed to be placed on a ward trolley and thanks to its powerful rechargeable battery – can grind up to 800 pills before it has to be recharged. It works with convenient graduated disposable crushing cups.


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