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Cocoon DX7020


It is a gun type light weight portable x-ray unit, which was created to satisfy user’s demands.


Cocoon Overview


Dexcowin’s cutting-edge technology has made another remarkable accomplishment. COCOON has every possible feature the users in the field currently expect and demand.

It is a gun type light weight portable x-ray unit, which was created to satisfy user’s demands.

COCOON is compatible with all kind of detectors, provides more stunning images, and it has a concern-free charging method with an improved battery capacity of up to 500 shots.

COCOON’s safety features such as Lock Mode & locking trigger makes the operation even safer.


  • Product Name: Cocoon
  • Product Model Name: DX7017/ DX7020
  • Tube Voltage: 70 kV
  • Tube Current: 2mA (External Power) / 1. 7 mA (Internal Battery)
  • Tube Focal Spot Size: 0.4 mm
  • Power Consumption: 336 VA, 321VA
  • Cooling Method: Oil Cooling Method
  • Total Filtration: Over 2.3 mm Al (Inherent Filtration: 1.0 mm Al) °
  • Target Angle: 12.5°
  • Exposure Time Range: 0.05 -1.0 sec
  • Exposure Time Interval between the exposure : 0.01 sec
  • Distance to Target (Distance between Target and Focal Spot : 18 cm {7 inch)
  • Body Dimension: 322(L) x 134(W) x 262(H) [mm]
  • Body Weight : 4.8 lb. (Back Scattered Shield excluded)
  • Battery : 16.8 V
  • Battery exposure capacity : 500 Shots with full charged
  • Voice Guide pre recorded
  • Narration for quick user training
  • Wide UI screen


  • Convenience
    • Trigger and gun grip
    • True one- hand X-ray shot
    • Easy selection of UI with Touch key
    • Customized Preset of exposure time
  • Advanced Safety Features
    • Radiation leakage prevention technology from the lead- coated generator and cone
    • Locking system to prevent unintentional exposure
    • Neck strap for accidents prevention and comfort
    • Quick Verbal Intro Guide During first use
    • Back scatter shield for operator protection 
  • Mobility
    • Cordless, Extremely portable
    • Care-free charging method



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