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Dental X-rays

With technology advancing so rapidly, it hard to pick the best option for your practice but do not despair as Istrodent will help you find the the best fit for you at very reasonable prices. From portable to wall mounted X-ray machines.

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  • My Ray RXDC


    High frequency dc generator for sharp images and lower effective dose

    The constant potential high frequency generator (DC) provides sharp images with the very highest level of detail.

    Compared to AC systems, they also reduce exposure times and the amount of harmful radiation by containing the dose administered to the patient.

    A focal spot of just 0.4 mm – one of the smallest available – ensures images are always sharp and of the highest quality. High definition real-time imaging.

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  • I Ray D4

    iRay D4 Dental Mobile Handheld X-Ray iRay D4 is an all-in-one imaging solution with a high quality digital sensor. And a built in computer with 4.8 inch digital screen makes it possible for you to easily check and diagnose the radiographs in real time. iRay D4 is wireless, handheld, and completely mobile thus eliminating the …

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  • iRay D3


    iRay D3 is Dexcowin’s first invented portable x-ray machine, which was released after several years of R&D. We have designed it as a pure handheld portable X-ray and compatible to all kinds of detectors, with clear, effective images.

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  • Cocoon DX7020


    It is a gun type light weight portable x-ray unit, which was created to satisfy user’s demands.

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  • BPD I

    PORTABLE DENTAL X-RAY Low patient dosage and excellent image quality Correspond with chemical film and digital sensor Feature ▷ Easy graphic and ergonomic design ▷ Large capacity battery ▷ Wide and high resolution LCD ▷ Slim and light design for implant treatment Low dosage and excellent image It can get excellent images with X-ray exposure …

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