MyRAy Hyperion X5 Pan

Comfort and excellent prospective imaging

Hyperion X5 offers a wide selection of 2D programs for panoramic and cephalometric quality images, full of details useful to deliver an effective and safe diagnosis while protecting the patient’s health.

The high-sensitivity 3D sensor is also versatile as it can perform 2D panoramic imaging (managed by programs in the software package and controlled via the user-friendly virtual control panel).

The dedicated head support for volumetric examinations has 5 contact points. An adjustable forehead support to improve patient positioning, two symmetrical side supports, which facilitate centring, a bite block and a chin rest, which guarantee the patient’s stability and, consequently, comfort and quality of the clinical examination.

Efficient and Effective

Thanks to its advanced tools and features, Hyperion X5 improves every stage of imaging diagnostic, from positioning and examination selection to parameter settings, often entirely automatic. The interface provides guidance for the user throughout the examination set-up and acquisition phase. Equipment control and 2D image displaying can be managed from the
 virtual console on a PC or via iPad.

The exclusive MRT technology allows clear images to be obtained without having to manually set the exposure parameters, automatically adapting them to the patient’s anatomical characteristics. Thanks to MultiPAN acquisition and the 2D Focus-Free feature, the device automatically delivers optimized focusing, depending on dental arch morphology.

For volumetric examinations, the operator can rely on 3D assisted centring with Scout View and for all 3D, 2D PAN and CEPH examinations, correct and stable positioning is made easier by laser guides.

Hyperion X5 2D PAN

Focus-Free digital panoramic system suitable for all users, equipped with MultiPAN function and orthogonal projection. Designed to ensure accessible, accurate 2D study of the complete dentition, maxillary sinuses and temporo-mandibular joints.

Fast scans, low dose irradiation protocols and ergonomic positioning: the best ingredients for your patient’s comfort and health. Hyperion X5 always ensures acquisition procedures that guarantee maximum accessibility and minimised time inside the equipment – making it ideal for paediatric use or for patients with motor impairments. Each phase of the treatment can be shared with the patient in a clear, user-friendly way: this ensures greater patient involvement and their best collaborative attitude and trust in the acceptance of the proposed treatment.