myRay Hyperion X5 Pan Ceph

Designed to satisfy your every need.

Hyperion X5 is the cutting-edge imaging system that covers your every need. A compact, complete solution that boosts your surgery’s diagnostic potential.

Hyperion X5 2D PAN CEPH
Full CEPH digital teleradiographic imaging system with Focus-Free orthogonal panoramic imaging suitable for all users. Designed to simplify dental diagnostics with real-time images, which can also be viewed on iPAD.

Hyperion X5 3D PAN CEPH
3D Multi FOV imaging system with Focus-Free PAN and Full CEPH accessible for all users, suitable for wall mounting. Designed to make complete dental diagnostics accessible in real time.

Diagnostic flexibility.

Flexible, efficient, fast. Hyperion X5 – designed to deliver the best results in minimum time with limited doses. It displays 2D and 3D images packed full of details to produce effective and safe diagnoses.

Hyperion X5 is a complete, user-friendly X-ray device, equipped with smart automatisms to help doctors to immediately obtain the desired results. The innovative 3D Cone Beam technology of Hyperion X5 generates a multitude of high-definition data (80 μm) in a single scan. MultiFOV adapts the field of view to patient builds and
diagnostic requirements. Ultra-fast scans and
short emission times ensure that patients receive
low X-ray doses. Hyperion X5 offers a range of
settings, such as the MultiPAN function which lets
users choose the most suitable panoramic image
for every detail of clinical interest.

All the potential of 3D

Achieving the full potential of 3D examinations has never been easier or more effective. Thanks to dedicated mechanisms, patient positioning solutions and exclusive automatisms that help ensure a positive outcome at every examination, dentists can make the most of 3D potential.

Hyperion X5 has a powerful X-ray generator
to maximise performance and minimise scan
times. It also features a highly sensitive 3D-PAN
sensor to produce images of exceptional quality
with a minimal irradiated dose. Combined with
optimised scan protocols, this latest-generation
technology offers a resolution of up to 80 μm.