just right for me!

Portable, simple, fast: high definition and technological
reliability, as part of a miniature revolution. C-U2 becomes
your new method of working, communicating, imagining.
Just right for you.


It shows the patient, in real time, images
and footages for the sake of direct and
effective communication. Precise, sharp and
clear, only C-U2 offers you clear and contrasted
images under all circumstances. It shows
the aesthetic aspect of a smile or a single tooth
with maximum high resolution. The best.

IMAGINE. Professional optical system and
uniform field of view, distortion-free. Thanks
to the F/8 lens aperture and the innovative
HD sensor, you get homogeneous lights and
natural colours. Under all circumstances.

MOVE. Multifunction button and automatic
Focus-Free adjustments: view, browse, enlarge,
save. The flexibility of a trackpad in just one
button and automatic parameters for maximum
comfort, with maximum results.
The diffuse 360° back-lighting visualizes the state
of the handpiece under any condition of use.

SHARE. Communication with the patient has
never been so simple: view, share, inform.
All in one click. Store and process images on
the PC thanks to iRYS, the latest-generation
MyRay software platform. View captured
images on the iPAD immediately and share
your diagnoses with ease.



The new frontier of high definition. Yours.
C-U2 is innovative because it offers very high quality
images and is easy to use. Maximized field of view,
7 glass lenses, diffused illumination with 8


and a last generation 16:9 sensor. Excellence at your
service, at any moment. And to ensure you don’t
miss a single detail, application of the Macro Cap,
which incorporates another two glass lenses, instantly
provides you with 100x magnification.


Digital video system incorporated in the handpiece
for complete flexibility and perfect freeze-frames.
The camera can be moved easily among various
workstations. iCapture software features automatic
switch on/off, live video feed and a freeze frame
function. As simple as imagining.


Perfect under all circumstances: thin tip (9.5 mm) with
optics boasting a wide field of view (90°), partially
retroflexed for the sake of very comfortable intraoral
investigations. Nimble and precise, with a distance of
only 8 mm between the centre of the optics and the
end of the handpiece.
The innovative multifunction button ensures
maximum freedom and ease of use.


A connector reinforced with stainless steel and
the flexible USB cable make the hand piece nimble
and safe to use under all circumstances.
C-U2 quickly connects to your laptop and is easy
to use, thereby always offering you the best results
in the shortest time possible. Full examinations,
maximum reliability and flexibility, perfect results



Type                                                                 Intraoral, Extraoral, Macro (Video footage; Still image)
Focal depth                                                      1-5 (Macro Cap); 5 – 70 mm
Visual angle                                                      90° (diagonal)
Optical system                                                  7 + 3 (Macro Cap) High purity glass lenses, F/8
Illumination                                                       Homogeneous with 8 LED’s with adjustable intensity
Frame rate                                                        30 frame/sec.
Digital sensor                                                    HD CMOS, Progressive Scan
Resolution                                                        1280 x 720
Image format, video                                          16 : 9 Native
Enlargement (monitor 22’’)                                100x (Macro Cap); 50x (Intraoral);
Maximum definition                                           10µm (Macro Cap); 20µm (Intraoral);


Size of distal section                                         9.5 mm (0.37 inches)
Length of hand piece                                         205 mm (8.07 inches)
Weight of hand piece                                         65 grams (2.3 once)
Retroflection                                                      Yes (95°)
Handle and connector                                        Stainless steel


Software                                                           MyRay iRys for PC, iRys Mobile for iPad
Supported protocols                                          TWAIN, VDDS
Length of USB cable                                         1.8 m (16.40 feet); Can be extended to 5 m (16.40 feet) with USB-fed                                                                          HUB
PC / MAC                                                         Video and freeze frame (without driver)
Gates                                                               USB 2.0 Hi-Speed and USB 3.0
USB foot pedal                                                 For freeze-frame, saving (compatible)
Power source                                                   5VDC – 500mA (USB)


Operating system                                             Microsoft® Windows® 8 – 7                                                                                                                                        Apple® Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard*
Processor                                                        1.0 GHz or higher
Memory                                                           512 MB RAM
Display resolution                                            1280 x 720 at 32 bit true colour