Bambach Saddle Seat

Making life easier can be as simple as sitting on a Bambach Saddle Seat

The Bambach Saddle Seat is good for the spine. Very good. In fact, it’s the only seat scientifically proven to reduce and prevent back pain and other posture related problems. Whether you already suffer with these problems, or you want to avoid doing so in the future, you should seriously consider using a Bambach. On this site, we look at what you’ll get from using one of our seats.

The instant you begin using a Bambach, you’ll feel a positive difference. And after a while, you’ll wonder why you ever felt comfortable on your old seat. Users of our ergonomic seating solutions have reported a massive range of benefits, from simple back pain relief to being a life-changing experience. For a full list of the benefits of using the Bambach, read the section

The Bambach is the only saddle seat available in a range of sizes enabling us to create your seat to suit your particular requirements. All Bambach Saddle Seats come with adjustable seat tilt to give optimum balanced position to suit your working habits, high density padding for all day comfort, a choice of pure new wool, or easy clean vinyl covering, or sumptuous leather for an added touch of luxury.

It’s available in a choice of colours to suit any home or work environment and has a host of options, including a locking mechanism to stop the seat moving, 

The Bambach is customised specifically for your needs. It is made to support your body, your health and your profession. The Bambach is hand-upholstered in your choice of fabric, which includes the option of surgical grade vinyl for medical applications. With or without a back, it provides the right seat for any environment or purpose.

Unlike conventional seating that forces your spine into a compressed “C” shape, the Bambach maintains your spine in its natural “S” shape. This means you can treat patients from a variety of positions and angles – while always keeping perfect sitting posture. Say good-bye to your neck and backpain!