ProFil Compules

ProFil Flow Flow able Composite 4/pk  – Silmet

  • Features

  • Shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2, B3, C2, OA2, OA3, P (incisal edge)
  • Shades fully correspond to the VITA scale
  • Very well polished
  • Has a low polymerization shrinkage
  • Has high radiopacity
  • Total weight of inorganic fillers: 78%
  • Excellent aesthetic properties 
  • No oozing or slumping 
  • Perfect for minimal invasive restorations 
  • Low Viscosity 
  • Maximum versatility 
  • High polish retention & stable color match 

Hybrid Composite 20 Capsules A1

ProFil-Universal Micro Hybrid Composite Advanced Nano Technology

ProFil is a microhybrid composite material incorporating advanced nano technology, for use in both anterior and posterior restorations. ProFil composite resin is the perfect combination of simplicity and exceptional aesthetics