The Cattani AC 200

Exceptional air quality, robust and reliable performance, and  a compressor for every purpose

Clean-expect only pure, oil-free, hygienic air, and every tank has a food-grade resin inside coating, which not only helps protect the patient but also work you are doing for them, as well as the equipment itself. The patented, low-friction components also reduce the need for maintenance and prolong the lifespan of the unit.

Reliable-our dental compressors run and run. We don’t hesitate in backing our compressors with an industry-leading 7 year parts and labour warranty. such is our confidence in their superior design, mechanical precision and robust components. Our compressors are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

Versatile – we cater for every scenario, from single-chair practices to dental schools and hospitals – and CAD/CAM milling, led by the AC310 model. We also offer sound reduction options where the plant is close proximity to treatment and staff rooms

Werther Dental 4/50/5

Werther Dental Air 4/505 line of ultra silent compressors, are the only choice when quiet, dependable, and compact design is a must. Each compressor is built with quality in mind, and comes equipped with powder coated air tank, pressure switch, 1-micron air filter, regulator, and pressure gauges for completely automatic and trouble free operation. When operating under full load this line of exceptionally quiet compressors offers tremendously low noise levels starting from 30 db/A.