R7 Continental

Unique Fluidity

It is the universal, reversible workstation, modular, with a multiplicity of possible configurations. Class R7 meets the requirements of odontology professionals with ergonomic solutions for any mode Operating. Regardless of the work environment, private clinics with odontology services Hospitals, Class R7 is perfect. From full integration to simple modularity, this model still represents the right combination. One unit of care, one hundred solutions.

Class R7 Continental

The Continental version offers a design that enhances the maneuverability of the various elements of the unit Care. It values the interaction of the medical team and promotes an unfettered workflow. Flexibility out of R7 Continental Class peer leaves plenty of room which facilitates the patient’s approach, thereby improving the practitioner’s and the assistant’s work comforts.

The International version contains a provision instruments on the practitioner tablet that respects the surgeon-dentist’s natural movements. The stroke of the pantograph arm allows the operator to move the tablet while still having the instruments at your fingertips.

Built-in aspiration

The chair can be completed by adding the tablet assistant with accommodations for two cannulas and two Instruments. The arm fitting and cannula attachment are located at the base of the chair under the back, at an easily accessible point, chosen to facilitate moving the tablet from right to left. The suction valve should be installed centralized and two cannulas.

Individual water group
Anthos also provides the tablet-free version of the R7 Class practitioner, consisting of a water and water group assistant tablet that integrates the turbine module