6700M Marathon

Inteligent endurance
Flexible design

Designed with the operator in mind, the 6700M Marathon chair is the intelligent investment for any practice looking for durability, efficiency, modern technology, and design at an affordable price. Without sacrificing quality or dependability, the 6700M Marathon chair was developed to give your practice the innovations of tomorrow to attract clientele of today.


Equipped with innovative technical tools and the new SDS PC board, this chair provides you and your technicians the tools to save money and run efficiently with rapid troubleshooting and correct diagnostics. With Wi-Fi capability, the 6700M Marathon chair is equipped with technology that will help your practice stay ahead and endure for years.

The Marathon chair is available with traditional post-mounted or swing-operatory packages and can be purchased through SDS’s authorized dealers.

  • Electro-mechanic operation
  • Auto return function
  • Last position function
  • Four programmable pre-positions
  • Armrests with touchpad
  • Equipped with WI-FI and USB for easy remote 
  • Double Articulating Headrest
Simply a better value

Tailored to fit the needs of any practice, the 6700M operatory series provides flexibility in its configuration allowing the user to determine the optimal set up at the desired price point

The 6700M Orthodontic Line delivers quality and value with the combination of the durability and technology of 6700M Marathon orthodontic chair and our SDS practical configurations. 

Simple Operation:

Easy access to touchpad/foot control.

Precise, expandable, intelligent:

Precision controls, built-in Wi-fi, a USB port for remote diagnostics.

Thin/Narrow back:

Ideal patient comfort and ergonomic operator access.

Contoured base:

Optimized patient access.

Low profile headset:

Double articulating adaptable support.

Quiet operation:

Discreet and resilient German engineered motors